Sunday, 12 December 2010

Music Magazine Front Cover

I wanted to experiment taking a few shots in a more professional way. To do this I used professional photo studio equipment: a grey backdrop, a softbox, a light stand and one continous light. I positioned the softbox on the left of the model just infront facing the model to give a natural light. I positioned the light stand and continous light behind the model to the right so it would not be seen in the shot, this gave a subtle glow around the sihoulette of the model. I used a professional Canon EOS digital camera to take the shots.

 1st Drafts:

Using Image 2:

Using Image 3:

Using Image 1:

Editing Process:

Mock up:

As I was very indecisive of what photos to use for my music magazine front cover, I done quick ‘mini-mock ups’ using the most suitable photos and indentified the pro’s and con’s of each.  I would then choose 2 or 3 that would suit best for my music magazine front cover and make three drafts. I would then ask for feedback on which is most appropriate for my final draft.

Photoshoot 1 Mini-Mockups:

Photoshoot 2 Mini-Mockups:

After reviewing each of the ‘mini-mockups' pro’s and con’s, I decided to use images 2 and 3 from Photoshoot 1 and image 1 from Photoshoot 2 to create mock up versions of my music magazine front cover.

Photo Selection:

Photoshoot Plan:

Mood/Inspiration Board:

Market Research:
Music Magazine Questionnaire:

Friday, 26 November 2010

Friday, 22 October 2010

School Magazine Table of Contents

School Magazine Table of Contents:

 Editing Process:

 Photo Selection:

Photoshoot Plan:

 Researching Magazine Table of Contents:

Monday, 18 October 2010

School Magazine Front Cover

School Magazine Front Cover:

Photoshop Editing Process:


Photo Selection:

Photoshoot Plan:

School Magazine Research: